I wish I could daydream again, and spend my days daydreaming, of beautiful places and fantasy moments, living my life away with a hope inside my heart… dreaming.
You came just like a dream, you leaked into every corner of my mind, you were my daydream awake and while I sleep but then you left and took the hope with you, and now I’m wide awake and I’ve completely forgot how to dream about anything that is not you. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy, or if I’ve become just an average girl who forgot how to imagine, there’s no more fire in my heart, or strength in my mind to dream and build a life full of wonder and love. I’m just scared of gravity, that taste of reality you left lingering in my mouth, and now I can’t escape that sense of factuality that’s so heavy… I have my feet on the ground, but the burden is getting heavier each day and knocking me down.


All you needed to do.


All you needed to do was kiss me, hold me, love me, make me laugh, be your awkward self, teach me, crush my fingers and let me crush yours, take me to the french movies marathon, say happy birthday, pick me up sometimes from work, make me feel sexy just by looking at me, make fun of me, hold my hand, call me baby.
I told you, I am simple I’m not that complicated. I tried to be the simpler version of me just to keep you close because I know you are scared of deepness. But it turns out I’m deep, I love hard, I can’t love any other way, you got scared and you let me go.