Save me again


It feels like I’m dead inside, like the girl I used to be is not here anymore. I look at myself in the mirror and the light is gone. It’s like something is broken…and I know is not fair, is not fair for you, you have been good to me, but the world hurt me, I hurt myself and I keep doing it. I need help, I’m just so desperate for love I keep looking in the wrong places, and I’ve completely forgotten how it felt to be in your arms. I feel dirty and ashamed, but I’m sad at the same time because I feel like you had a greater plan for me and I ruined it. I was not patient enough, I looked away and now I’m a drifter. I feel so lonely and away from you, I don’t feel like your daughter anymore, I’m so confused and I need You. A voice inside my heart keeps telling me You are the answer, but everything around and inside me keeps pushing me away. I need to talk with someome, I need something and I need help, my selfesteem is killing me, my heart, my body and everything keeps craving for love. A love I know I will never find outside of you. Jesus I need to be saved again, I need you to come for Your lost sheep, and leave the rest just to save my soul. If you don’t do something I’m afraid I’ll be lost forever living the miserable life the enemy wants me to live, always looking for approval, thirsty for love and never satisfied.


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