The Contrast of Life


This life isn’t easy; most of the stages of our lives are about sacrifice and suffering. The world is surrounded by wars, hunger, and poverty. And sometimes it gets hard to find goodness above it all…

But there is also beauty in life; there are moments of happiness and fulfillment, falling in love, laughing nonstop with your friends, watching a movie with your family, enjoying the beauty of the ocean… countless moments that make us realize that in spite of the suffering there is beauty.

This life is a contrast between happiness and pain, between boredom and excitement, we all have been through stuff, we all have a story to tell, but at the same time life passes so fast that sometimes we feel trapped in the routine that we barely realize how much is happening and how much has happened.

The contrast of life makes me think of my God, in my King, in my Savior. Some people think that believing in God is absurd, because they focus on the horrible side of the contrast of life, and they refuse to believe there is beauty in it, there is perfection, but with my God it’s different, He is the contrast, He is the sacrifice, He suffered, He experienced pain; being the Greatest of them all, He gave his only son, He became flesh, and sacrificed for His creation, revealing the greatest part of the contrast of life… LOVE.

They’re right, it’s completely absurd to believe in a god that lives in heaven without being involved with humanity, a god that is so distant, that is claimed to be good and perfect but has no relationship with human pain; with suffering, with the ugly part of the contrast of life, but that’s not my God.

My King died for me on a cross, He became like me so that He could understand my pain, my struggle, and my suffering. My God knows of pain, knows of sacrifice, my God is all love, my God is all perfect, and He is with me in every stage of my life, even when I don’t deserve it, He doesn’t give up, HE GAVE EVERYTHING FOR ME AND HE IS NOT TURNING BACK. My God is not distant, my God is not a stranger to human pain, HE being saint and incorruptible died for my sin and your sin.

Now talk to me about justice, talk to me about love, there’s no greater love, there’s NO OTHER GOD whose love has overcome, I worship Him and adore Him, not only for who He is but for everything He has done for me.

After dying in a cross it still wasn’t enough for Him, He rose from death, and left His Holy Spirit to stay with us, and comfort me in pain, guides me in confusion, and teach me the truth. My God is not an absurd being living in the distance, He created me, He loves me and died for me, and He is with me and will be with me every day of my life. He has promised me an eternity of happiness, and beauty.

I’m living in the contrast of life where beauty meets pain, where laughter meets tears, but I’m not alone, I have The King of Kings by my side.



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