PerhapsDo you really think I didn’t know you would feel the way you feel about life right now ?

Do you think your mistakes are new to me ? The doubts in your heart ? Your troubled mind?

A few days ago you found yourself wondering about some questions that you think you make to yourself…

‘Why do you this?’  ‘Why are you thinking that?’ ‘Where are you going with this?’ ‘What is your plan?’

And you started answering those questions saying “I have no idea why I do the things I do… I just keep living, keep on swimming, doing what it feels best for me, but I’m not sure where I’m going so I better stop questioning myself because I have no idea”.

I think you forgot who is your captain, who is leading your life and who is asking those questions.

I’m the one putting those questions in your mind, but not to condemn you or make you feel guilty but just to remind you that your life has a purpose… that you are mine and that it’s good for you to remind yourself who you are and what do you want for your life.

You are my daughter, not just a creature surviving without any purpose or future.

You have a purpose, NOTHING can make me love you less, you’re still mine and I will continue on leading your life as long as you let me.


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