My grace is sufficient for you


My grace is sufficient for you… II Corinthians 12:9

Grace… is a word so hard to understand… each day I find a new meaning behind it. Once upon a time I had this absurd rejection towards this verse, I felt like what God was saying was “You should be content with my grace, you might never get what you want from life, but you should be happy with my grace alone, if not… you are sinner”.  What a small mindset, how absurd and dumb I feel… and now I know His grace is sufficient… and the word sufficient doesn’t even begin to explain how more than enough is His grace in my life… and now I know His grace is all I need.

His Grace is what keeps me going, when I used to think I deserved everything, I know now how undeserving I actually am, every little blessing, every little thing I might get, flows directly from His grace… His grace holds my whole world, and without His grace, I wouldn’t be able to continue one more day. I might not be a perfect Christian, I am on a rough path, trying to survive my faith, there is an intense war inside of me between my desires and my faith, and without His grace, I would have already lost.

Your Grace is all I need. You died and gave grace in return; You died so I could have grace… How can I dare to ever think Your grace is not enough? Your grace is all I want, is all I lean on, it brings peace to my heart and healing to my soul.

There are a lot of people out there that are unaware of Your grace, and have that small mentality I used to have, they think God expects us to survive this crazy, wild world without feeling devastated, tired, angry, sad with just the thought of a faraway God that is expecting us to keep on. He is not expecting you to be perfect, to carry on by yourself, all He wants is for you to see His grace in every stage of your life, when you fail, when you are afraid, when you are going through the valley of shadows and death, you can find refuge in His wings, He covers you with His grace.

Jesus died for you to have grace… and that’s why he is not giving you an order… he is NOT saying “My grace SHOULD BE sufficient for you”, He is just confirming what He knows is true and can’t be undone but you probably haven’t understood, He is saying “My grace IS sufficient for you”.


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