Unspeakable reaction

A terrible tragedy just happened in my country yesterday. On March 8 2017 up to 30 teenage girls died burned and sophocated during a provoked fire. 

They started burning mattresses inside the government institution where they lived in their intent to be heard about the excessive and repulsive abuse they were suffering inside the reclution. They were trying to escape as many did before them but they didn’t succeed.

No one heard. No one paid attention. They were locked inside the room and left to die. The ones who heard were their abusers who didn’t allow any help inside the building until the morning. 

This is the reality of my country. The reality of millions of girls and boys, humans that suffer atrocities that go beyond my understanding. These kids didn’t get a break or a chance to enjoy life. They were inside a refuge after being “rescued” from their destructive parents and realities, they were supposed to find hope but all they found was misery, more abuse and finally their death. 

Not all of them died, some of them are still suffering, all burnt and humiliated. With no future.

This changed something inside my heart because I feel so powerless and helpless and insignificant and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I feel disgusted with myself for every pathetic excuse I’ve made, for even writing about it or sharing a picture of it on Facebook that will probably just get me a like and some sympathy from other powerless people like me. But that won’t change what happened or the reality of other people that are suffering. 

I look at the world differently now, every shalow post about The Kardashians or any other celebrity  makes me sick to my stomach, because trash like that gets publicity and attention and turn everything into a big fat lie. We believe we are good people, but we aren’t. We live inside a bubble, defending our points of view behind a screen but doing nothing about anything. We see suffering, click on a sad or mad reaction maybe even share the story with a sad face emoticon and keep scrolling to the next story, and living our lives as if it didn’t actually happened, as if we just saw a sad movie. 

I’m not saying we should get depressed about every sad or unfair news, but I think, if something touches you, affects you, breaks you or changes you the way that terrible story touched me. You should do something about it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Mother Theresa, I can donate some stuff but I still don’t know what else to do. I’m still busy planning my wedding and living my life but now I have this weight inside my heart. I want to change the reality for other girls, for other children and I feel so helpless. I want it to stop. 

That girl who died burnt after a life of countless abuse could have been me. Could have been you. It can be happening again right now, another girl being abused and neglected, another child being abandoned, where can they go?

How can we make this stop? 


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