Wanderlust memories 

Have you ever time-traveled with a single song?
Have you ever space-traveled with the smell of wet soil on a windy afternoon?

The grey skies and cool weather gave me a taste of my Santiago de Chile season, I could even imagine my subway route to work, the lazy Sundays watching TV hidden under the covers because it was too cold to even attempt to go out. I remember how it felt to walk around the city, the smell, I could even remember how my heart felt back then, the spirit of freedom. How even walking to the corner felt like an adventure.

I fell in love with my boy again, relived our first dates, how nervous he was, how pretty I felt.

Once you lived somewhere else, you never stop living it. You never stop missing it. But all you need is a good soundtrack, a cloudy day and you go back and live it all over again.


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